Are you losing profits because you don't have the right Inventory Service?

Finding reliable people who can accurately audit retail inventory shouldn't be this difficult!

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THE FACTS: 4 out of 5 convenience stores lose money because their numbers just aren't accurate enough. Unlike big box stores, as a c-store owner, you need a good handle on your inventory counts to stay profitable.

Realize that 60% of retail profitability is tied to decisions based on accurate tracking:

  • Accurate Inventory Data to make the right informed decisions
  • Internal Auditing to double-check that your audit numbers are correct
  • Latest Tracking and Scanning Technologies to get line item detail
  • Customized Reporting gives you digestible information the way you need it
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You need an inventory service that is well-trained, accurate and flexible to your needs.

You should expect a reliable and responsive team that worries about your priorities first - no exceptions!

The SRIS Formula

Time-Tested Processes

SRIS's resilient auditing process implementing the latest tracking technologies guarantees accurate and consistent counts (more than 99% accurate)!

An independent and unbiased view of your operations that gives you the confidence to make hard business decisions.

Even other auditors – those who should be our harshest critics – applaud our system.

Exceptional People

Well-Trained and Experienced c-store auditing staff with over 25 years of inventory experience.

Because everyone in the corporate office started their careers as inventory auditors, we make sure our auditors are professional, detailed, driven and focused on getting you accurate numbers.

We even audit our employees (every keystroke!) to make sure your numbers are done right!

Unparalleled Service

Attentive, Reliable and Responsive Auditing Service.

Unlike many services that might take days (or weeks) to get back in touch with you, we understand that your needs are urgent. Expect responses within 1 business day.

Morning, noon or night, we make sure your calls, emails and texts are answered.

SRIS Results

With SRIS, you have the peace of mind that you have the right information, including accurate customized reports, to inform business decisions that directly affect your bottom line.

While we are large enough to serve you and grow with you, we are small enough to care: about you and your business.

Servicing 14 States and Growing

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