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How Retail Inventory Auditing Service Makes The Difference

Are your stores experiencing chronic inventory problems? Are you currently losing money because you’re misinformed?

Common inventory problems:

Too much inventory? On average, excess inventory costs your store another 25 to 32%! Not to mention poor cash flow (leading to unhappy employees and suppliers) and eventually excessive debt, higher interest rates, all leaving Lower Operating Profits! Our audits are all performed by experienced auditors to give your accurate numbers and digestible reports to keep you from over-ordering.

Out of stock items? Studies show that shoppers make decisions on where to shop based on whether the products they want are in stock on the shelves. Can you risk losing business because your ordering manager doesn’t have the right information to make ordering decisions? ALL audits are checked for quality giving you the comfort that your decisions can be made reliably.

Wrong ordering information? Wrong counts can lead to poor decisions that cost your store its profit margin! Our experience translates to less worry and headaches for your business – we know inventory and give you the numbers to focus on the bigger picture. And our reports are formatted the way you need them.

Expect to reduce your shrink – leverage accurate, consistent counts from dedicated C-Store auditor with our custom audits:

  • Financial Audits – Easy efficient data to inform your bottom line.
  • Line Item Audits – Detailed item by item scanning and reporting.
  • Fusion Audits – Best of both worlds: Line Item Audits when you need them with trusted and accurate financial reporting where you don’t.

Even CPAs love our process – our audits are accurate enough that CPAs use and approve of our auditing process. Our focus to detail and integration of internal checks within our auditing system creates accuracy that even CPAs struggle to find.

Do you have confidence that your inventory audit numbers are right?

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