Fusion Audit

SRIS Fusion Audits Give Efficient Line Item Scans

Are you worried about losing high risk inventory items but can’t afford full line item scans?

scannerGet detailed scanning when and where you need it. Gain the flexibility to track only the most important items or categories with line item detail. With the same consistent and accuracy our clients have grown to expect in our audits. A great introduction to how line item specificity can help your stores increase margins.

Fusion audits give convenience stores more choices and benefits:

  • Greater detail for decision-making on specific items
  • Efficient spending line item audits to target categories and items you care about
  • Better way to try out line item audits and determine what works best for your stores

Fusion audits are made specifically to meet your needs:

  • Financial audit with price book accuracy (FAPA) – verify correct pricing of any item by scanning it
  • Financial audit with item level features (FIL) – evaluates departmental pricing integrity without having to scan every item
  • Combination audit—full item-level scan in some important categories (alcohol, cigarettes) with a standard financial audit for the rest

Do you have confidence that your audits give you enough information to make hard inventory decisions for your stores?

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