Line Item Audit

Complete & Detailed Line Item Audits

Do you know your inventory well enough to identify specifically what items cost you money?

Could line item information save you money by identifying inventory costs?

We provide you detailed item-level audits many businesses demand. State-of-the-art scanning the barcode (SKU) technology accurately and efficiently reconciles your books. Many c-stores are shifting from financial audits to line-item audits to gain detailed data for item-specific management.

What you need from an item-level audit:

  • Detailed data – you have specifics for shortage and overage of EVERY item to easily pinpoint your inventory problems. Reduce out of stock, improve turn over.
  • Accuracy – because scans track everything, rest-assured there are no counting errors from manual entry.
  • Accountability – we track every stroke to make sure auditors are giving you the right numbers the first time.

Do you have confidence that your line item audits give you the information you really need?

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