Accurate Inventory Auditing in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, & Texas

How can you be certain that your stores are getting the right auditing service?

Are you looking for an inventory service that gives you consistent accurate audits when you need them? Can your current service really give you the numbers to make informed decisions?

SRIS is uniquely qualified to service stores in the Southwestern US: Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas. We have auditors stationed and ready to consistently count in your stores. We hire, train and manage experienced inventory auditors throughout the Southwest. We’re not simply a “fly in fly by your pants” solution. We are stationed and ready to count in your stores. Our process-oriented and quality control ensure you get the right counts and our reporting gets you the numbers the way you need to see them.

If your inventory service treats you like a number – they are too big to even care. When your inventory service can’t handle you opening a new store because it’s outside of their service area, they are too small to serve. And when you have to refer to your account number when talking to your inventory service, they’re too big to care about what’s best for your stores.

SRIS audits c-stores and groceries with expert efficiency and diligence to make sure your audits are accurate and your reports clearly communicate the numbers you rely on for inventory decisions. With 25 years’ of experience and a mission to provide accurate and understandable reports, we are proud to keep c-stores not only operating efficiently, but growing their markets!

Do you have confidence that your inventory audit numbers are right? Tired of not knowing what your inventory numbers look like?

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