Better Process, People, and Local Inventory Auditing Service

What do you need in an inventory service?

Are you confident you’re getting consistent accurate inventory reports?

Your auditing NEEDs better processes, better people, and better local service.

You need someone that is large enough to serve you

The Right Inventory Service: Someone who uses the latest technology to quickly give you accurate counts. Who makes sure your counts are getting done when and where you need them. Experts in inventory that know your business. Straight-forward customized reporting so you understand what you have to do to be profitable.

The Wrong Inventory Service: Someone unwilling or unable to service all of your stores. Inefficient use of staff and processes that lead to higher costs and incorrect numbers.

You need someone small enough to care specifically about you and your business

The Right Inventory Service: Customer-centric RESPONSIVE service and support when you need it. Focused service around your business, your requirements and your expectations. Our corporate office – even our owner! – are all involved to make sure you’re inventory audits are the way you need them.

The Wrong Inventory Service: Too big to care. Unreturned emails and phone calls. You’re just a number – likely a small fish in a big pond. Inconsistent service experiences, Unreliable auditors. The list goes on.

Why SRIS? Because we’re big enough to serve you and small enough to care about your business!

  • Accurate numbers to ensure your inventory numbers check out
  • We have Experience that gives you confidence in the details while overseeing all of your stores
  • People that care – we get to know your business and your goals
  • We know c-store and grocery store auditing like the back of our hand

A Letter From SRIS President, Alan Watson

Are you tired of unreliable, late, uncaring, inaccurate inventory auditors? Auditors that lack discipline? Inventory services that address you by an account number rather than name? You’ve worked hard to build your c-store or grocery store and deserve accurate and easy-to-interpret reporting by auditors that care about you and your store and your brand.

My name is Alan Watson and I founded SRIS Inc. in 1991 because I saw a need for an inventory service that considers you more than a number. From the first grocery store to the hundreds of stores we service today, I’ve kept to basic principles you should expect in a good inventory service—keep the customer valued, keep the audits clean, keep the numbers right. Plain and simple.

If you’re tired of dealing with a big service that is never around to answer your call, considers you too small to really matter or makes you feel like just an account number, you’ve got the wrong inventory service. If you aren’t confident in your inventory decisions because of questionable counts and inconsistent reporting, you need an inventory auditing system that gives you confidence in your decisions.

Accurate inventory reports with responsive customer-focused service.

Alan Watson, President, SRIS

Do you have confidence that your inventory audit numbers are right?

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