Case Studies

How SRIS does inventory auditing better

To illustrate how inventory auditing services can make the difference in a company’s profitability, see how SRIS has changed businesses large and small.

How Circle K Gained Confidence In Their Inventory Counts

The Problem: Circle K had a problem – management had no way to check whether inventory was being accurately counted and wanted to be sure they had accurate numbers to make hard decision. In short, Circle K needed an external, unbiased eye to tell them the hard facts:

Is our inventory accurately counted? Can we validate our internal inventory reports providing us good information to make hard decisions? How do we get confidence that our inventory decisions are taking us in the right direction?

What Circle K needed was an unbiased eye to validate numbers and give them confidence in their inventory reports and more importantly, in decisions stemming from those reports.

Enter SRIS: When SRIS stepped in to check inventory counts, they delivered exactly what they said. They gave Circle K detailed reports unmatched by other external auditors. Even more, they shared their experiences and knowledge within the c-store industry to help make informed decisions.

SRIS Results: We’ve been growing with SRIS for over 20 years. We trust their audits. Trust their people. Confident they know inventory. Help us with EVERYTHING we need. They email us within minutes opposed to days. They get what it takes to be successful in the c-store industry.

How SRIS Accommodated to Mapco’s Needs

The Problem: As Mapco changed their processes, equipment and consolidated their auditing systems, they needed a way to make everything work. The biggest problem was finding someone that would be able to tackle our complex inventory system and help make reporting and auditing simpler.

Enter SRIS: SRIS stepped in and did the unimaginable – they consolidate ALL of Mapco’s auditing services.

Every time Mapco rolled out a new process, new equipment, SRIS adapted to their processes – something big inventory services don’t always want to do because it’s more cost-effective for them to demand everyone follow their process.

SRIS Results: Mapco now has a long-lasting relationship with SRIS. When we have a change, they are quick to adapt. When we need to come up with a solution to a problem, they are quick to brainstorm ideas to make our process or results better.

Do you have confidence that your inventory audit numbers are right?

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