Exceptional Professional People

How People Make the Difference In SRIS Your Inventory Audits

If you don’t trust the auditors working on your inventory, how can you have confidence in your numbers?

If they’re off – late, inattentive, disrespectful or unprofessional – how do you know your numbers aren’t off too?

Do you really think your clerks, stockman or store managers have enough bandwidth to accurately report inventory consistently before you make large orders? Can you afford to pay labor costs for dedicated auditors – wages, overtime, benefits?

Our success is rooted in our people: professional, detail-driven and caring, exclusively experts in inventory. We invest in our expert team – hire, train and promote great auditors because they make the difference to you- better service, more attention to detail, more solution finding.

What to look for in our auditors?

  • Detail – Plain and Simple. Auditors that get you exact information.
  • Experience – Auditors that have spent their careers working in and auditing c-stores and grocery stores.
  • Reliability – Full Time Auditors keep service consistent. While many auditing businesses see savings in hiring part time work, we see value in consistent, accurate and professionalism only found in full time hires.
  • Professionalism – Auditors that know they’re representing your business and your brand. Drug tested and backgrounds checked. Our high employee standards translate to your well-tracked inventory.

Over 25 Years of inventory experience – everyone at SRIS knows inventory inside out. We have over 25 years of c-store inventory experience to give you the information you need to really make an impact on your bottom line. If your auditor can’t rattle off how many candy bars fit on a shelf, they likely haven’t been in the business enough to reliably give you an accurate audit.

Are your inventory auditors reliably getting you accurate counts?

Can you afford to leave your inventory counts to store workers who aren’t expert counters? Does your auditing service value its people? Contact Us Today to See How SRIS People Are the Difference!
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